Home Watch & Home Caretaker Services (Quarterly Fee)

Weekly Inspection

  • Security: doors, windows, alarms, cameras

  • Exterior: weather damage, irrigation, landscaping issues

  • Pest infestation: ants, roaches, rodents, etc

  • Run all sinks, flush commodes to clear pipes and detect leaks

  • Leaks: sinks, commodes, weather stripping around doors/windows

  • HVAC: thermostats, air-handlers, compressors, filters

  • Appliances: fridge, freezer, icemakers, stoves, ovens, microwaves etc.

  • Electrical: circuit breaker, hot water heater

  • Watering Plants

  • Waste Receptacle Management: garbage cans, recycle bins (put up after departure/pick-up)

  • Marketing/Solicitation: flyers, newspapers, phone books, business cards (items left at door/driveway indicates vacancy)

  • We try to make it appear as if you're still there because it hinders criminals from targeting your assets as nothing says "we're gone" like a shuttered up home
We provide a unique Homewatch / Housewatch service for Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in Tampa Bay, & 30-A Florida. Our Tampa Service Area focuses specifically on the areas closest to our South Tampa home which allows us to respond quickly to your properties needs. That area consists of the Snell Isle area/Shore Acres/Old Northeast of St. Pete as well as South Tampa (anywhere south of Kennedy Blvd in Tampa), Davis Island and Harbor Island, though we can go anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Our 30-A Service Area consists of Santa Rosa Beach, The Retreat, Grayton Beach, Water Color, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Water Sound, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, & Rosemary Beach.

The sections below describe further what we offer, though, we customize to fit your specific needs.

Email Report Sent Immediately Following Inspection

  • Phone calls/immediate action taken for emergencies and/or if approval for repairs is necessary

  • Digital photos included, if applicable and/or requested or any damage found

  • Maintenance: (Additional Fee's)

    • Smoke Detector/CO2 Monitor - Battery Replacement/Installation

    • Schedule/Grant access, remain present with and/or follow-up behind vendors (as appropriate for deliveries/repairs etc)

    • Change Locks, Replace Knobs, Door Handles

    • Screen Replacement/Repair

    • Leaky Sink Repair (Replace or tighten, Caulking, etc.)

    • Replacing Fixtures (lights/faucets etc)

    • Thermostat Adjustment (for Arrival/Departure)

    • Exterior Furniture Set-Up & Reversal (for Arrival/Departure)

    • Start/Run Vehicles (Boats/Cars/Golf Carts/Motorcycles, UTV's etc.)

    • Cover Vehicles/Boats with Custom Covers

    • Bicycle Repair

    • Vehicle Battery Replacement / Place on Charger