Caring for Coastal Homes & Owners in the greater

Tampa Bay Area & The Florida Panhandle

We are a unique homewatch / housewatch service in the Tampa Bay & Florida Panhandle area, Spouses Watching Houses strives to provide peace of mind to our clients. In addition to your peace of mind, we offer a wide variety of amenities and conveniences for our clients, primarily second home owners, vacation home owners, and part-time/seasonal guests.

Our focus is to ensure all services we perform provide you with peace of mind and allow for more enjoyment of one’s investment, assets, and time near the gulf beaches. Dealing with house problems while you’re here to enjoy a relaxing time is not high on anyone’s list. Let us take care of that for you while you’re gone so that you can maximize your time and enjoyment while you’re here. It’s what we do.

Our Services

Weekly Home Inspections – Reports emailed instantly following inspection (with pictures if needed).

Emergency Support Services – When trouble strikes, we’re here. We’ll get on it, fast.

Trusted Business Referrals – Need a trusted car repair? Electrician?

Appointment Coordination – Having a new appliance delivered? Need to let someone in?

Act as a Retainer – When you hire us, we are available to assist you with most any need and if we can’t do it ourselves, we will find someone locally who can.

No Strangers, Just Us! – You will always know who is in your home and it will never be anyone besides myself or my spouse, period. Other outfits hire kids that need jobs and you won’t know them or who they send to wander through your home and personal affairs.

Hassle-free support – We are here to help you, for any little thing, and, you can rest easy knowing you have someone you can trust that is here and looking out for your interests.
Housewatch, homewatch, caretaker, property management, however someone might refer to it, it’s all the same to us; it’s keeping an eye on your property and assets while you are not here and making sure that things are ready for you when you arrive. It’s the peace of mind when you can’t see it with your own eyes, or visit it after your alarm is tripped and we go look for you to assure you all is well.

Keeping the sharks at bay while you’re away, that’s our job. “Sharks” can be any hassle, time consumer, problem or threat such as burned out lightbulbs, dead or dying batteries in smoke detectors (they drive everyone crazy), a leaky door, window, sink, or, the worst kind of shark: an intruder or burglar. We’ll work for you to keep them at bay, it’s what we do.

Let us help you maximize your enjoyment of your coastal home in the Tampa Bay & 30-A area today!