Home Watch & Home Caretaker Services (Quarterly Fee)

Weekly Inspection

  • Security: doors, windows, alarms, cameras

  • Exterior: weather damage, irrigation, landscaping issues

  • Pest infestation: ants, roaches, rodents, etc

  • Run all sinks, flush commodes to clear pipes and detect leaks

  • Leaks: sinks, commodes, weather stripping around doors/windows

  • HVAC: thermostats, air-handlers, compressors, filters

  • Appliances: fridge, freezer, icemakers, stoves, ovens, microwaves etc.

  • Electrical: circuit breaker, hot water heater

  • Watering Plants

  • Waste Receptacle Management: garbage cans, recycle bins (put up after departure/pick-up)

  • Marketing/Solicitation: flyers, newspapers, phone books, business cards (items left at door/driveway indicates vacancy)

  • We try to make it appear as if you're still there because it hinders criminals from targeting your assets as nothing says "we're gone" like a shuttered up home
We provide a unique Homewatch / Housewatch Caretaker Concierg service for Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in Tampa Bay as well as on Highway 98 / 30-A in Walton County, Florida.

Email Report Sent Immediately Following Inspection

  • Phone calls/immediate action taken for emergencies and/or if approval for repairs is necessary

  • Digital photos included, if applicable and/or requested or any damage found

  • Maintenance: (Additional Fee's)

    • Smoke Detector/CO2 Monitor - Battery Replacement/Installation

    • Schedule/Grant access, remain present with and/or follow-up behind vendors (as appropriate for deliveries/repairs etc)

    • Change Locks, Replace Knobs, Door Handles

    • Screen Replacement/Repair

    • Leaky Sink Repair (Replace or tighten, Caulking, etc.)

    • Replacing Fixtures (lights/faucets etc)

    • Thermostat Adjustment (for Arrival/Departure)

    • Exterior Furniture Set-Up & Reversal (for Arrival/Departure)

    • Start/Run Vehicles (Boats/Cars/Golf Carts/Motorcycles, UTV's etc.)

    • Cover Vehicles/Boats with Custom Covers

    • Bicycle Repair

    • Vehicle Battery Replacement / Place on Charger