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  • taskin

    If you own a home in Florida and you haven't hired Spouses Watching Houses to keep an eye on it for you, you're seriously missing the boat. I cannot impart how helpful they are in getting any single repair, addition, or alteration done. Without being there yourself, how on earth would anything get done in a place known for shady contractors?

    Don't need anything done? It's a house, you will, and it will probably be the emergency, heartburn causing, money spilling out of your pockets variety and you won't know about it for 4.2 months until your next visit. This is where I really get my return...I can sleep at night. Home Watch lets me do that, and Spouses Watching Houses is Home Watch!

    Scott asked me for a review but I told him I'd give him something better...a poking in the eye of anyone that doesn't use his service that has an additional home down there! I speak plainly and I don't mince my words, always have, always will. So does Scott! Class act! Top notch! Worth their weight in gold!

    Fred Taskin - Dallas, TX
  • I met Scott randomly in Publix and noticed his shirt logo and business name as it sounded exactly like what I was looking for, he described his Home Watch company and later that very same day we began to use his services.

    Scott knows about things that I don’t know about in my own home. He's got tricks for seemingly endless things. He has helped me to get a new heating and air system installed as well as guide me with maintenance repairs for my home. He has made security suggestions which I really appreciate, too. I also have Scott on speed dial for when my adult children have come to visit without me, and that has been great to be able to let anyone I choose use my place without having to manage all of that. Aside from giving me peace of mind about my home I cannot see, smell, and live in, they are like a handyman/butler/caretaker and extra insurance policy wrapped in one ridiculously affordable package. I'm dead serious! -Jack

    Thank you for letting me share.

    Bashinsky Family - Birmingham, AL
  • I have been with them from the beginning as I was their first customer. They have always been right there when I needed them!!!! They are wonderful doing all the thing I want them to do each and every time they come.

    I get my weekly reports telling me what they did/saw/found and they report anything out of order. If something has changed I always get pictures showing me what they found. If I need repairs they will stay in my home when the workmen are there (this I REALLY appreciate!!!!!!!!!).

    They are trustworthy and dependable, which in Florida, most will know or find out quick that this is very difficult to find!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them, they have become family. :-)

    Gary Watling - Holland, MI
  • We've had our waterfront Westshore home in Scott and Joanna's care for nearly 1 year now and we couldn't be happier. It's really worth every cent we pay for the service.

    We have peace of mind knowing it is safe and secure while we are not there. Scott has helped us find competent service people to address on-going maintenance and other work which was nearly impossible before to do from a distance and know they actually fixed the thing and then really locked up afterwards etc etc. They communicate extremely well throughout any issues arising and are efficient problem solvers aware of the cost in time and money. We feel they love our house as much as we do! We love the pictures Scott sends randomly with his reports reminding us of the beauty of our home...and it reminds us we have to get back soon! They're really great. Just can't say enough good things about Spouses Watching Houses!

    Steve Browne - St. Louis, MO

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