Benefits of Home Watch

Our Home Watch service provides endless benefits.  Not only does our Home Watch company do a weekly walk-through of your property and investments alerting you to signs of trouble, we do countless "other things" that our clients say are "life savers" and "invaluable" and they constantly tell us how easy we make their lives.  The accolades are truly endless, but we can actually list many reasons and benefits to hiring us for your property and concerns:

  • Home Watch’s regular visits to your property can prevent or lessen property damage.

  • Home Watch will create a presence in your home which cab help deter squatters and other intruders. See our video from NBC news!

  • Home Watch will deliver consistent and accurate information to you during your absence, including our pictures of your property and effects.

  • Home Watch will look for leaks, insect infestations, mold and other potential issues.

  • Home Watch can act as your liaison between contractors, associations, Realtors and virtually anyone that you authorize them to.

  • Home Watch will implement your storm plan which we will discuss when you start your service.

  • Home Watch can make arrangements for work to be done in your absence, leaving you to enjoy your time at your home and not stressed out working on it or living in a construction zone.

  • Home Watch will make sure your alarm is functioning and interact with your monitoring service in your place.

  • Home Watch gives the homeowner peace of mind, knowing that their home is being looked after by professionals that have their best interests in mind.