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August 8, 2017
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A Tip for Homeowners That Drive In and Out of Florida

Down here in Florida, we have a special creature that everyone loves to hate. Love Bugs! Yep, those pesky flying paint and windshield destroyers that spawn two or three times a year and will wreak havoc on your car, RV, boat, trailer, camper or anything else you drive through them at highway speeds. But, there is a simple trick for getting them off easily. The key to them not causing damage to your paint is to get them off as soon as possible. If they sit there and bake in the sun, you can pretty much bank on the acid in them eating through the clear coat of your paint.

So, how do we deal with them when we live here? Simple, Bounce dryer sheets! Get two or three of them from the laundry room, wet them, and simply wipe them over the dead bugs. They are filled with a soap-like substance that will get soapy and foamy and the material the dryer sheet is made of is basically a super fine form of sand paper that will do no hard whatsoever to your paint. Once wet, they make the Love Bugs melt away without any hard scrubbing or worse, having to use a clay bar to get them off and, if you’re claying your car, you’re stipping any and all wax off so then it must be waxed again. Most folks will just take it to an auto detailing professional but that is needlessly very expensive and just a few quick minutes with a dryer sheet will fix the problem stat!

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