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January 31, 2017
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Does your home produce more dust than normal?

I’ve had a home that we’ve been caring for over the last 9 months or so now. Every time they visited I’d have it cleaned by professionals and I was there for this so I know it was done, but then they would get there and complain that the place wasn’t dusted and “is filthy.” After the 2nd time of this happening (they were still new customers), I realized that something wasn’t right. I noticed over a short period that their staircase (brown wood) would be covered in dust after only a week or so (from visit to visit of our schedule). I had already been through my thorough checks of their home in assessing it so I could price their home (it’s nearly 6000sq.ft. and 7br/4ba) and I know the AC systems filters were clean as I put new ones in myself. I called an AC Pro over to check pressure suspecting there was some weird reverse-pressure thing pushing dust out of the attic where the air handlers were.

AC pro’s get out to the house and run their checks of everything and realized that the systems were not put in to code. Further, there are massive 2+ feet gaps behind the air handler that was never filled or blocked so it’s just sucking dust straight into the air handler and blowing around the house. The 2nd air handler in the attic has no filter at all (should be the big 6 inch filter up there, they didn’t even install the base to the air handler where this would go. It was a total hack job. The intakes are not filtered and two were actually not 100% secured to the main connection area so they was sucking dust and hot air into the ducts as well. Add to all of this that the house underwent major renovations between owners and when we inspected the duct work, it was 1/2 inch thick in dusty powder. This has been blowing in a recycle mode throughout the house until we got wise to it.

The problem is being rectified by replacing the AC/Air Handler in the attic (it’s beyond its years anyway and the entire heat pump is badly corroded and rusted from saltwater corrosion), repairing the air handler closet with the giant 2ft gap and bad intakes as well as having the duct work all cleaned with hepa systems and replacing old metal grating etc.

If you house produces dust, have your AC systems checked asap.

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